10 Gcse Coursework

The GCSE course is made up of: Unit 1 : Coursework projects worth 60% of your final grade Unit 2 : Exam worth 40% of your final grade You will be assessed on the following criteria A final big piece will be awarded 25 /100 marks Unit 2 External Exam project will be sent from the exam board and handed to students in February of Year 11.

Students will have eight weeks to prepare their sketchbook.

If you do not get a grade 4 or better, you will need to retake your Maths and English GCSEs as part of your post-16 study programme, alongside A levels or studying at a college.

Your school or college will arrange for you to have classes and sit the exams.

There is a strong emphasis on developing students' imaginations and creative problem-solving skills.

Well-maintained sketchbooks documenting this development are just as essential for success as a completed final piece.

See our photo gallery for more wonderful examples of the artistic talent we have here at Quinton.

There are lots of opportunities to enter competitions and have your work displayed in local exhibitions, restaurants, libraries, theatres and hospitals.

This work is internally assessed as it progresses and regular written and verbal feedback given to inform progress.

For those students taking GCSE Photography the basic skills in Darkroom and Digital processing are covered within the theme and individual ideas produced by the students as for Fine Art.

You will be given opportunities to work from observation and your imagination.

All your work will be mounted into your ‘Art Sketchbook’.

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