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Remembering the pro-Humphrey views of the Soviet ambassador, the KGB never told him about the letter.Days later an "official" communique from the Soviet embassy offered Moscow's best wishes to the president-elect." Like so many of my generation, I accepted the Cold War as a fact of life.But the collapse of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 and the cascade of events that resulted in the demise of the Soviet Union two years later caught nearly everyone unawares.Session VI Seeing Red: The Cold War and American Public Opinion by John Kenneth White Department of Politics, Catholic University of America Washington, D. Introduction Life is lived forward, but understood backward. Both the Czech invasion and the Brezhnev Doctrine met with widespread condemnation. The power brokers in the Kremlin were taking their measure of the candidates, trying to determine which one could best manage the superpower relationship. Only a month before the Soviet Union had invaded Czechoslovakia, ending Alexander Dubcek's brief experiment with "socialism with a human face." After Dubcek's ouster, Communist party chief Leonid Brezhnev enunciated the "Brezhnev Doctrine," the guise under which the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics could correct its fraternal neighbors by military invasion whenever they deviated from Moscow's hard-line.

" Jan Stadt subsequently died from the "non-therapeutic" radiation experiments performed upon her.Political Scientist Louis Hartz once hypothesized that Americans were so ideologically straight-jacketed that a philosophy that did not espouse individualism, equality of opportunity, and freedom would be seen as alien.Alexis de Tocqueville held a similar view, writing in Democracy in America (1835): "I know of no country in which there is so little independence of mind and real freedom of discussion as in America." In 1848, Lewis Cass, the Democratic nominee for president, told a Tammany Hall audience that he was "opposed to all the isms of the day. communism and socialism, and Mormonism; to polygamy and concubinage, and to all the humbugs that are now rising among us." As the decades passed and with no end of the Cold War in sight, communism became the antithesis to the American creed. Communism violently opposes democracy and the democratic way of life." These views were shared by the vast majority of Americans.For example, a recent search of the Soviet archives produced a 1987 plea from U. Communist Party chief Gus Hall to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev: "I don't like to raise the question of finances, but when the wolf' is at the door, one is forced to cry out." Gorbachev ordered KGB couriers to stuff their suitcases with million in cash. But behind closed doors another "campaign" was taking place. Nixon, were energetically making their appeals for public support.Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, Americans learned in 1994 that thousands of their fellow citizens had been treated as human guinea pigs during the Cold War by their own government.Milton Stadt, the son of one of these unwitting subjects, described how his mother had been hospitalized for a duodenal ulcer and found herself in a U. government-sponsored lab where, he claimed, "these monsters were." He remembered: "My mother, Jan Stadt, had a number HP-8. She was forty-one years old, and I was eleven years old at the time.Rather, it is to assert that with the end of the Cold War the scales have been removed from our eyes.Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, we have been learning much about what transpired on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

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