2 Thesis Study Habits Discuss Oedipus Rex As A Classical Tragedy

Specifically, the study was organized around the following questions: A number of studies pointed out that study habits and attitudes are important in academic success.Hence, it is important and desirable that a probe into the pattern of study habits and attitudes of the students and its relationship with licensure examination performance be made.This framework focuses on the individual as the unit of analysis, but embeds the individual in the biological, social, and environmental contexts that are crucial to development.Ford proposed a simple mathematical formula that attempts to represent all these factors in one model.

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A number of researchers have examined the role of non-cognitive variables such as study skills (Fazal, S. al, 2012; Boehler, 2001; Kurshid, 2012; Mutsotso et.This connotes that students who have favorable study habits will likely pass the licensure examination.Keywords: Student’s academic performance occupies a very important place in education as well as in the learning process.In fact, it is still the most topical debate in higher learning institutions that caused great concern to educators and researchers due to the alarming examination performance of students.In the report of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on performance of graduates in the different licensure and board examinations, data show that performance of graduates has been declining in the last ten years.Among the noted unfavorable study habits were inefficient time management, lack of planning and concentration in their studies, poor skills in reading, ineffective test taking techniques, and failure to inform their teachers of their difficulties with school work and ask for their help.The participants also demonstrated unfavorable attitudes toward teachers’ classroom behavior and methods.It is considered as a key criterion to judge one’s total potentialities and capacities (Nuthana & Yenagi, 2009) which are frequently measured by the examination results.It is used to pass judgment on the quality of education offered by academic institutions.The study habits and attitudes of the participants were assessed by administering the “Survey of Study Habits and Attitudes” (SSHA) developed by Brown and Holtzman (1967) during their final year in the University and their performance (overall rating) in the different licensure examinations was generated from the records of the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission.Results of the study showed that the participants do not have favorable study habits and attitudes.

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