A Complex Process Essay

By identifying your audience, you can determine which information can be omitted as well as which information absolutely must be included.

In addition, you need to determine why this process would be important to your target audience, including what and who the process affects.

However, there are some basic rules that you can follow to make sure that your instructional essay carries out its purpose, and helps people to better perform the given task. Avoid any kind of terms which are too advanced for the topic and unnecessary.

Have a good sense of what kind of readers will be using your instructional essay to learn, and assume that the reader will not have any more information about the topic already than you know for sure that they will have.

With any report, you should ensure the ideas are arranged in a logical order, but this is particularly important when completing a process-analysis essay since you're striving to help the reader understand a particular process.

In fact, the only time that you can break away from writing in chronological order is if you need to give advice, provide words of caution, or explain an unfamiliar term.

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