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You could point to one or more examples of a problem you observed that you attempted, even if unsuccessfully, to solve, whether it’s an after-school healthy snack cart near the school, the way you made student government more efficient, or some problem faced by low-income students.in the face of ad hominem criticism, for example, supporting a moderate rather than an au courant radical political candidate, or that, in class, after students urged legalizing recreational marijuana, you pointed to the under-reported dangers.I’m particularly intrigued by Professor A’s work on Y.She and I have spoken and I’m excited that she said I might be able to be an assistant on one of her research projects.” The takeaway Whether for undergraduate or graduate education, the application essay is a high-stakes opportunity to be both efficacious and ethical.Her creativity, as found in her writings, also increased significantly. And I’ll learn a lot more if I’m curious about their movie rather than simply projecting my own.4.Best of all, I noticed a new sense of joy she feels writing papers of all kinds. I am sure that the added skills she learned will be valuable in her studies at Columbia.” - David Augsberg I try to listen in my sessions more than I speak. I like the term musical listening, which to me means hearing both what’s being said and what’s not being said.2. I broke up with my boyfriend last week,” I try not to say, “Oh, I’m so sorry, that’s awful,” because I don’t actually know if that’s awful. Yes, and My favorite rule from theatrical improvisation is “yes, and.” It means saying “yes” to your partner’s suggestion–both literally and psychologically–and building on it. Saying “no” closes doors precisely when we want to throw open as many as possible. I like to think of my role as a driver’s ed teacher: I try to imagine a student in the driver’s seat while I’m in the passenger seat.So, too many students tell what the college’s essay readers want to hear, for example, a tear-jerker about the adversity they’ve overcome, or the joys of having helped have-nots, or both: “Having struggled to overcome adversity, I’m honored to pay it back by helping the less fortunate.” And applicants too often concoct their essay with the aggressive help of a parent, friend, or hired-gun college “counselor.” Thus, readers of application essays too often are evaluating someone other than the applicant.That’s sad not only because of the injustice to honest applicants but because of the lessons it teaches deceptive applicants: As the Oakland Raiders’ slogan went: “Just Win, Baby! Also, when parents condone let alone encourage such dishonesty, they convey to their child that s/he’s inadequate to succeed honorably. If the application essay ploy “works:” ethical Even though their wording varies, most college and graduate school admission essay questions reduce to just one: “What’s important about you that couldn’t be discerned from the rest of your application?

Life in Lebanon is, on the surface, much like it was hundreds of years ago, and if you were to take a picture of our street there and its inhabitants, I have no doubt with the exception of the particulars of people’s faces it would look much the same as a painting from long ago...Also, it can sometimes feel awkward to simply sit beside a student while s/he is writing. In writing a college or graduate school application essay (or job application), there can be a temptation to write whatever will “work,” that is “get you in” to a more selective college than would otherwise admit you.Anyone can claim an attribute but it’s far more convincing if you tell, in detail, an anecdote that demonstrates you have it.Humility helps No matter how brilliant you are, the wise person recognizes how much s/he doesn’t yet know.So it helps, after touting your attribute, to acknowledge that you have much to learn, which is one reason you’re eager to attend college or graduate school.State why you're applying to that particular school or program, for example: “I’ve reviewed many colleges and am applying to Duke’s program in biomedical engineering because of its focus on X as well as because, more broadly, Duke is distinctive in A and B.As more highly qualified candidates are applying to graduate school every year, the process of selecting students often goes beyond comparing test scores and grades to using more subjective measures like the graduate school application essay.For some students, their graduate school admission essay is their first -- and best -- chance to grab the attention of the admissions department at the school of their choice.Note how that attribute, in addition to being less standard, would benefit the college: You’re likely to be brave enough to, in class, raise questions about the orthodoxy. So, what’s a core attribute of yours, ideally a non-standard one?Anecdote is key Once you’ve selected the attribute that you want to describe in your essay, is there one or maybe two or even three anecdotes that prove you have the attribute?

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