A View From The Bridge Essay Act 1

As Eddie comments about Rodolpho's effeminate behaviors, his complaints begin to bring into question Eddie's own sexuality.

Eddie tells Beatrice how Rodolpho acts at the piers, singing like a "chorus girl." This behavior gives Eddie "the heeby-jeebies," which is a curiously visceral response.

Catherine tells her uncle that Rodolpho "blesses" him, but he doesn't ever talk to the young man.

Eddie responds that he "blesses" her, and she ignores him, and then tells her Rodolpho is after her for citizenship.

Beatrice thinks Rodolpho is a nice young man and warns Eddie not to "start nothin'." She has other things on her mind, demanding to know when she will "be a wife again." Answering evasively, Eddie claims he hasn't felt well.

Louis and Mike stop to speak to Eddie, mentioning his two "submarines." They comment on Rodolpho's mannerisms and how he makes everyone laugh.

The lights come up on Alfieri, who announces Eddie has an unexpected destiny.

Although Eddie has a regular life, what awaits him is "a trouble that will not go away." The focus then turns to Eddie, who is waiting outside his apartment for Catherine and Rodolpho to return from a movie.

He complains that Rodolpho gives him "the heeby-jeebies" when he sings on board the ships "like a chorus girl." He even suggests Rodolpho may dye his hair.

Firmly, she tells Catherine to assert herself with Eddie and stop behaving inappropriately because she is now a "grown woman ...

in the same house as a grown man." Catherine is shocked.

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A View from the Bridge is a play set in Brooklyn in the 1950s and was written by Arthur Miller.

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