Ability To Synthesise

Essential to synthesis is the , according to Hitchins (Hitchins 2009), and states that a system must be considered as a whole and not simply as a collection of its elements.The holism of any potential solution system requires that the behavior of the whole be determined by addressing a system within an intended environment and not simply the accumulation of the properties of the elements.

According to Jackson (Jackson 2010), these properties can be considered in the (System) design includes activities to create concepts and models, and/or to conceive something (a system / a solution that answers an intended purpose) based on or using principles and concepts; the outcome of design activities is a coherent and purposeful set of models or representations using defined constructs and patterns (that implement principles and concepts).

A concern that has a probability of occurrence equal to one, a consequence of occurrence greater than zero, and a time-frame that is current.

A problem is an event that has occurred and has a negative impact to the project.

(Oxford English Dictionary) activity of system synthesis develops possible solutions and may make some overall judgment regarding the feasibility of said solutions.

The detailed judgment on whether a solution is suitable for a given iteration of the systems approach is made using the Analysis and Selection between Alternative Solutions activities.

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