Absolute Power Corrupts Essay

Macbeth becomes corrupt under the thought of becoming king and gaining almost complete control over the people that he rules....

[tags: Macbeth, power, Shakespeare, ] - As Lord Acton once said “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” (1887).

Using the nine dogs that Napoleon raises (intimidation), Squealer (propaganda), and manipulation, Orwell illustrates how Napoleon was able to gain and maintain control of the farm....

[tags: Animal Farm, George Orwell, ] - As defined by the Webster dictionary, Power is the “ability to act, regarded as latent or inherent; the faculty of doing or performing something; capacity for action or performance; capability of producing an effect, whether physical or moral; potency; might; as, a man of great power, the power of capillary attraction; money gives power.” We have seen this through our own government and the individuals who use their leadership in selfish, greedy ways in order to maintain power.

Primary amongst them was another English politician with no shortage of names - Whether it is Lamartine or his anonymous English translator who can claim to have coined 'absolute power corrupts' we can't be sure, but we can be sure that it came before Lord Acton's more famous version.

Napoleon, in George Orwell’s Animal Farm changes one rule after another to fit him and Squealers needs, thus corrupting them in the end.

Examples of absolute power having a corrupting influence are Roman emperors (who declared themselves gods) and Napoleon Bonaparte (who declared himself an emperor).

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely" arose as part of a quotation by the expansively named and impressively hirsute The text is a favourite of collectors of quotations and is always included in anthologies.

The British Historian Lord Acton observed that “power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Lord Acton statement is proven through the actions of rulers such as Charles I of England and Hitler.

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  2. Indeed, in contrast with Jesus who called even those who think of adultery to cut out their eyes (Matthew -30, Mark -9), Musonius said "freedom of speech means not suppressing whatever one chances to think" (Discourse 9).