Air France Seat Assignments

As both airlines are in the same parent group, they often advertise fares for each other’s routes on their own websites.

They often share routes too, so on some trips you might make the first leg on KLM, but then transfer to Air France to complete your journey.

However, as our review has revealed, there are some stark differences between Air France vs KLM, which are worth thinking about if you’re faced with a choice of flying one or the other.Air France on the other hand regularly hand out delicious snacks in the sky.The morning will see a fresh croissant or pastry landing on your tray, and later on it’s a sandwich or a sweet treat outside of mealtimes.As a group, the Air France-KLM consortium has faced some tough times recently.Following a year when the group’s profits were down 81.6%, the appointment of their new CEO has raised hopes for a better future for these airlines.These feature a choice of meals, covering traditional French cuisine, comfortable Italian eating or a fishy ocean focussed plate, as well as some specialities. A second meal will also be served on longer flights.Between meals, they are fairly generous with the handing out of snacks, ice creams, sandwiches and hot and cold drinks.Longer flights which are still within Europe get a hot meal served up.On long haul flights, passengers get a choice of two hot meals, and may get snacks or breakfast too depending on the time of day.To restore access, please send an e-mail to [email protected], mentioning the reference: IP .219. Pour le rétablir, veuillez envoyer un e-mail à [email protected], en mentionnant la référence : IP The Air France website has received a large number of requests from your IP address.

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