Alcohol Teenagers Essay

Kick for the future Sexual contacts without contraception among adolescents usually happen when they are drunk.Such “random contacts” may lead to infection with sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis B and C, HIV infection.It is not a secret that the problem of alcoholism is one of the most urgent problems of our days.Today people pay more attention to another issue, in particular the problem of teenage drinking.That is why, not yet fully formed brains of boys and girls are affected more by alcohol, than the brain of an adult person.And the main consequences of intoxication are forgetfulness, increased sexual desire, virgin loss in such a state and subsequent early unwanted pregnancy in combination with venereal diseases. The metabolism of neurotransmitters is disturbed in the teenage brain, what leads to literally “dullness”, which at constant abuse of alcohol, especially beer and cocktails, turns into intellectual and emotional degradation.Many researches that study these issues were carried out abroad and many underage drinking essays were written.

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All the rest Body that has not finished its development yet, very painfully reacts to ethanol.

In such a way, children who start drinking in school years, at the age of 20 – 25 years begin to be treated for alcoholism, but unfortunately not always successfully.

The reasons why teenager drinks alcohol for the first time can be various: observing the parents’ example or in the company of peers.

Kick in the stomach Liver of a teen collapses under the influence of alcohol much faster than of a grown up, because the permeability of vascular walls in adolescents is higher, and mechanisms of enzymes in the liver is not completely formed yet.

Alcohol leads to the fatty degeneration of the liver cells and dysfunction of the synthesis of vitamins, enzymes, protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

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