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Meanwhile, several people were offering libations and oral sex to a jealous Washington, who was at the time sitting by, scoffing and leading the pack of insults being hurled at Hamilton.

Nevertheless, Hamilton never begrudged Washington, or the American people, for their misunderstanding of his genius. Or is it the dedication that one individual has to the land of the free and the home of the brave?

He died at the age of 49, on July 11, 1804, in a battle in Weehawken, New Jersey.

During those 49 years, he served in the Revolutionary Army as Lieutenant Colonel, fought endlessly and bravely for ratification of the Constitution, was significant in establishing the first governmental tools for managing the national economy, and of course, served as an aide, friend, advisor, and most likely, lover to George Washington.

Though many people scorned poor Hamilton for this belief, he persevered, continuing his work because of a deep, abiding love of America.

In one particularly heroic story, it is said that Hamilton sat at his desk, his face streaming with tears--due to the the rocks people were throwing at him--and continued to compose the very economic policy that is in place today.

Alexander Hamilton and General Pierpont Morgan Hamilton The second daughter of a wealthy patriot, Elizabeth Schuyler married Alexander Hamilton in 1780.

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The most compelling piece of evidence for this argument is Hamilton's economic foresight and intelligence.

The First Presidents Hamilton had dynamic relationships with the men who became the first four Presidents of the United States, from the supportive and steadying influence of Washington to the political and personal antipathy that evolved between Hamilton and Adams, Jefferson, and Madison.

Author of the Declaration of Independence, first Secretary of State and third President, Jefferson was Hamilton's colleague, nemesis and survivor.

A smart, beautiful man, who asked for nothing more than to serve a people who hated him. It is even rumored that Martha Washington, after mistaking Alexander for George in the dark one night, went on to have a lengthy affair with Alexander.

There is also some speculation that Martha's children were fathered by Alexander, though George was given the credit.

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