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I realized, given the sexism in our culture, that some of the complainers were probably people who had at some time sexually abused children.Or, they had been sexually abused themselves and could not bear thinking about it, as adults.At the age of 14, her older brother Bill felt his sister was suffering from severe depression and immediately arranged for the "cataract" to be removed, from a doctor in Boston.

The essays fall largely into three main groups, focusing on Walker's most famous and controversial novel, The Color Purple, on her poetry, which has for too long met with critical neglect, and on her ecofeminist novel, The Temple of My Familiar.Immediately after the cataract was removed, Walker gained some self conf...Alice Walker is one of the most influential and controversial figures in twentieth-century American literature.From the irate Black Muslim brothers led by Louis Farrakhan's former national spokesperson, Dr.Khallid Muhammed, who filed past Walker at a 1987 Founders' Day ceremony at Spelman College, to the NAACP-supported protesters in Los Angeles picketing The Color Purple film's premiere, Walker appeared headed for calumny, even demonization of the worst kind. When trying to analyze why the content of the novel, The Color Purple, and the way it is, we perceive that there are certain things that influenced the events or things that influenced the writer to write a novel of its nature.We must understand these events and situations that were of the great influence.She became very shy and slowly began to isolate herself from everyone.It was then that she took interest in reading poems and stories, and writing them. that's it was from this period-from my solitary, lonely position, the position of and outcast-that I began to see people and things, really to notice relationships and learn to be patient enough to care about how they turned out"(Pollit).There were also those who felt the language, or way of speaking, of their parents and grandparents would best be forgotten, since it was not “correct” standard English speech. Black men had a fear they were being trashed in the character of Mister and had no faith that he could redeem himself. The lesbian nature of Shug and Celie’s relationship was especially hard to bear for people who believe sex, like marriage, should only occur between a woman and a man. And yet, for me, those considerations were all secondary to the overarching expression in the book of spirituality and the assurance found by many of the characters that the divine is all around us in Nature.There is an attempt, fueled by corporations that sell meat, drugs, religion and other life choices, to control the population’s way of eating, worshipping, and expressing the desire to create something different. ” was removed from the 10th-grade California Learning Assessment System exam because, among other reasons, “it might be viewed as advocating a particular nutritional lifestyle” (a meatless one).

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