Alitalia Airlines Seat Assignment

This uncertainty is the actually one of the best way the average passenger can circumvent the standard upgrade rules.

Because airlines hate delays and sometimes decisions need to be made quickly at the gate to get the flight away on-time.

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(Note, you may publish elsewhere as long as you use an attribution link to Air Travel or this current page.) So how does an airline normally decide which passengers to upgrade?

For most flyers getting top-tier status in your program is probably the single best thing you can do to increase operational upgrade chances.

In addition, top-tier members can get other upgrade bonuses – priority clearance when requesting an upgrade using points or miles and perhaps some complimentary upgrade vouchers.

In other words, it works out how many tickets they can oversell on a flight.

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Of course, elite members happen to fly a lot more often than standard members, so their relative density on any given flight will be a lot higher.

But first, let’s take a closer look at the mechanics of an operational upgrade process.

Airlines routinely oversell seats on flights in order to maximise revenue and increase load factors.

That leaves 28 oversold passengers and 28 vacant seats.

Now the simplest solution would be to offer 28 upgrades directly into the vacant seats.

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