Ambition In Life Essay

I chose this career based on my conviction to make the world a better place.We are living at a time where human life is utterly disregarded.

The challenges do not end with the painful educational experience.

He was however naturally weak, something that he was not comfortable disclosing even to me- his only friend. For a very longtime, I felt guilty because I could not save him.

It was in the eighth grade when I came face to face with reality. I felt that maybe if he had stayed with us and received proper medical care, maybe he would still be alive.

They lose their protection if they commit, outside their humanitarian function, acts harmful to the enemy.”I’m also quite familiar with the challenges that I’m going to face along the way.

One of the challenges is that I will have to study extra hard to get the necessary grades to be accepted for the medical course. I also have to come to terms with the rigorous training and the extensive school curriculum.

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