An Essay On An Outing I Enjoyed

Before we alighted from the car we knew it was a puncture.

The sun was already fairly high now and the delay was most unwelcome but it couldn't be helped. When we resumed the journey a few minutes later, we had all begun to show signs of the strain.

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Though we were fairly good swimmers, the sea, with all its unending vastness, is a frightening prospect.

At times their impact was subdued; at other times they came with a great deal of force and carried us before them.

We would dive to protect ourselves from their impact. We were soon tired and joined our parents and sat down on the grass mat.

There was a small Rest House where we intended to stay the night. Dad took out the car from the garage and we boys started loading our stuff.

Swimming trunks and towels, baskets of food, an ice-box duly stuffed with fruit and drinks - all these and our overnight cases found their way into the car.

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