An Essay On My Father My Hero Sections Of A Literature Review

He does not hesitate to do the best for his family, especially on matters regarding the foundations of our futures.That is evident in the manner in which he considered sending me here, in America, so that I can take advantage of a superior education system.As I grow up, I have been able to establish a friendly relationship with my father.As a family man, our family has been known to us as “a Mr. We adopted the name following the inspiration that he gave us and for being a provider, a protector, as well as a hero.

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It was during wartime, as despite the end of the Japanese occupation, Indonesia had to endure instances of hostilities.

This tragedy placed a tremendous burden on him as he had to find a home for himself, i.e. The rise to power of General Suharto complicated matters for him.

Almost everyone in the country suffered, particularly those that lacked political and military connections.

People adapted into living in fear and uncertainty.

Nonetheless, the fear did not hold him back from his goal and strategies for the future.

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