Analysis Of Willy Loman Essay Nuclear Power Research Essay

Thus, he understands that he is not a person, that he has not fulfilled his life goal. I do not have a thing in the ground” (Miller ‘Death of a Salesman’ 122).

written by Arthur Miller presents the main characteristics of a tragic hero in romantic literature.

The person who wrote this analysis is right on the dot when he/she says Willy is undeserving of Linda's respect.

by Arthur Miller is created in Romanticism genre as the main character has visions which divide his life into two parts, real where Willy Loman and his sons are unable to achieve success in sales, and unreal, where everything is great.

This is directly indicated by her obedient behavior, the way she hides her feelings, and the way she controls her 2 sons.

Linda enables her husband Willy to live in a fantasy world, because she knows that the truth would bring nothing but hurt to him, and she didn't want to see him in pain so she decides to hide the truth.

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