Analytic Rubric Research Paper

This is where we see the main advantage of the analytic rubric: It is also good for the teacher, because it gives her the ability to justify a score on paper, without having to explain everything in a later conversation.

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Creating a holistic rubric takes less time than the others, and grading with one is faster, too.

For each one, we’ll look at an example, explore its pros and cons, and provide a blank template you can use to create your own. The levels can be labeled with numbers (such as 1 through 4), letters (such as A through F) or words (such as ).

It lists three to five levels of performance, along with a broad description of the characteristics that define each level.

Students benefit from receiving rubrics because they learn about their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Analytical and holistic elements can be combined in a single set of grading criteria.

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