Ancient Greek And Roman Architecture Essays

Therefore, classical art in Greece was the primary influence on the Roman art.After the Greek empire fell to the romans in 146 B.At the start of Roman history, they imported their marble from another great ancient city; Greece.However, they did eventually find quarries in northern Italy that held an abundance of white marble.C., they adopted all aspects of Greek art and architecture.However, they molded the borrowed techniques of the Greeks to create art that catered to their own distinctive values and ideals.

Greek and Roman arts share a lot of similarities to the point that it is hard to separate the two forms of art.The porch of the Pantheon used to face a temple courtyard.The bronze doors are the entrance to the interior cylinder. Therefore, Roman artists did not strive to create perfect representations of human forms.They created real sculptures of emperors, putting into considerations their flaws as human beings.This marble helped them become the great architectural city that we see even in present times.Later on, in the first century AD, the Romans began to use concrete in greater use.The Greek were more philosophical and idealistic, while the Romans were more realistic and somehow extravagant in their approach to sculpture. Starting from the protogeometric period, it is evident that intellectual thought had taken root in Greece.Artists displayed their knowledge of mathematical principles during this period by decorating vases with geometric shapes and symmetrical patterns.While the Greeks sought to explore spiritualism and surreal idealism, the Romans were more inclined towards realism.Roman art system was therefore the precursor to the decline of intellectualism in art in the ancient western culture.

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