Andrew Daley Phd Thesis White Rose Thesis Repository

Doreen Tembo (2011), ‘Strategies for HIV/AIDS Prevention: A Study of the Policy of ABC in Zambia’, D. Georgios Tsopanakis (2011), ‘Different Aid Paradigm or Familiar Pattern? Royd Vinya (2011), ‘Stem Hydraulic Architecture and Xylem Vulnerability to Cavitation for Miombo Woodlands Canopy Tree Species’, D. Deborah Whelan (2011), ‘Trading Lives: The Commercial, Social and Political Communities of the Zululand Trading Store’, Ph. Supervisors: Dr Rebecca Surender and Professor Don Operario. Supervisors: Professor Yadvinder Malhi and Dr Nick Brown. Available at: Timothy Thulisizwe Phakathi (2011), ‘Worker Responses to Work Reorganisation in a Deep-level Gold Mining Workplace: Perspectives from the Rock-face [South Africa]’, D.

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Available at: Alois Maderspacher (2011), ‘European Colonialism in Sub-Saharan Africa: the Germans, French, and British in Cameroon, 1884-1939’, Ph.

Kofi Hope (2011), ‘In Search of Solidarity: International Solidarity Work between Canada and South Africa, 1975-2010’, D.

Andrew Kerr (2011), ‘Human Capital, Informality and Labour Market Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa’, D.

Felix Kwame Aveh (2011), ’An Evaluation of the Performance of Microfinance Institutions in Ghana: An Investigation into the Factors that Impact on Sustainability and Success of Microfinance Institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa’, Ph. Supervisors: Professor Nick Wilson and Professor Mark Freeman.

Available at: Alexander Beresford (2011), ‘Comrades Still Struggling: Class, Nationalism and the Tripartite Alliance in Post-Apartheid South Africa’, Ph. Supervisors: Dr Sara Dorman and Professor James Smith.

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