Andreyeva Eerc Thesis

We would like to dedicate this paper to the memory of Christos Panzios—co-editor who handled our paper to almost the very end, whose suggestions and encouragement have helped us substantially improve our paper.Demographic trends and social policy priorities in the Russian Federation are making the implementation of active ageing concepts an increasingly urgent priority.As an initial step, the THESIS project’s goal is to produce a complete guide to the commentaries composed not only at Paris but also in the new universities of Central Europe, Cologne, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Krakow, Prague and Vienna, during a prolific period, starting around 1350 and going until 1450 (the so-called "late scholasticism"). 90 authors form the corpus, and they are preserved in over 500 manuscripts.commentary can be hundreds of folios long, the equivalent of thousands of modern pages (cf.

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This investigation aims to provide new information concerning the intellectual atmosphere inside the European universities in an attempt to respond to various historical questions: How do the Sentences commentaries of this period lead to the formation of a European university identity? What is the importance of a Sentences commentary (the modern Ph D) in the development of a individual intellectual career during the late Middle Ages?

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The THESIS project will therefore focus on the Prologues, one of the most important parts of these writings.

The Prologues of sur les commentaire des Sentences : entre exercice institutionnel et réalité intellectuelle23, 24 mars 2015; IRHT : Centre Félix-Grat Organized by: Monica Brinzei (ERC-IRHT, Paris)William O.

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