Angela Zhang Research Paper Name

CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman is expert at building to and then springing surprises on the viewers of his stories.

Neighbors helped him find refuge at a Buddhist temple, where he became a monk.

VO (Voice over pictures) – Steve Hartman, CBS News Correspondent “Born to Chinese immigrants, 17-year-old Angela Zhang of Cupertino, California is a typical American teenager.

She’s really into shoes and is just learning how to drive.” SOT (Sound on tape) – Angela Zhang “Every girl needs boots.

(laughs)” VO – Steve Hartman “She’s really into shoes – and just learning how to drive.” “But there is one thing that separates Angela from every other student at Monta Vista High School – something she first shared with her chemistry teacher.

It’s a research paper Angela wrote in her spare time – it’s a recipe for curing cancer.” SOT – Kavita Gupta, Angela Zhang’s chemistry teacher – with Steve Hartman “(Hartman:) Cure for cancer?! So, it’s just so mind-boggling…” SOT – Angela Zhang “I just thought: ‘Why not? So…” VO – Steve Hartman “So, when she was a freshman, she started reading doctorate level papers on bio-engineering.

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