Another Word For Problem Solving Skills

It is important to use verbs that really pinpoint what was accomplished, i.e. This way, there is no miscommunication about a candidate’s qualifications.” “I like to look for candidates who have had a role in shaping something from idea all the way through execution,” says executive coach Kate O’Sullivan.“One of the main qualities I look for is someone who can take a vague idea or strategic goal and see it through to completion, rather than someone who executes on a plan that’s already been decided.Well, semantically this sense of “to solve” is a action that requires an object to act upon which then gets defined as a problem.As such the word “to solve” actually works to answer your question.But just listing the skill doesn’t do anything to set you apart from the crowd.The most powerful thing you can do is give examples.Some might think a candidate’s experience outweighs the actual text of a resume, but this is often not the case. If you want to show that you’re results-oriented and hard-working, share the numbers.

Here are a few of their insights: “Word choice is incredibly important.

“For example, rather than stating that you’re an ‘excellent digital marketer,’ prove it.

Say something that reflects your actual results, such as, ‘Grew online sales and revenue by 200% in one year.’ Now, that’s impressive! “Terms like ‘hard-working’ don’t do this because working hard doesn’t necessarily produce better results.

“Consider the verb ‘orchestrated’ and how it shows, versus just telling, the hiring manager what was accomplished.

Orchestrated, by definition, means to arrange and direct.

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