Ap English Literature And Composition Essay Rubric

In their textual references they are apt and specific.

Although the writers may provide a range of interpretations, these papers will offer a convincing interpretation of the poem as well as consistent control over the elements of effective composition, including the language unique to the criticism of verse.

Their thesis statements may not reveal clear understanding of author's tone(s).

Below are samples of generic rubrics containing the general language and areas of concentration used to evaluate AP essays for prose analysis, poetry analysis, and open-ended questions. I have tried to equate a percentage grade with each of the number scores.The prose demonstrates an ability to express ideas clearly but with less maturity and control than the top-scoring papers.Generally, essays earning a score of 6 present a more limited analysis and less consistent command of the elements of effective writing than essays scored 7.The essays correctly identify two tones or sides of the author's attitude toward the subject in a well-written thesis and deal specifically with narrative techniques such as point of view, syntax, diction, detail, and organization.These papers use appropriate choices for quotation or reference and select an appropriate number of choices from throughout the passage.These papers represent the smallest score for college credit and are often characterized by superficiality.These essays respond to the question without important errors but miss the complexity of the passage.These papers looks good on the surface but are simplistic.Students respond correctly but do not devote enough space to arguments.These papers are not as thorough, precise, or aware of complexities as the top scoring papers.They may deal with fewer narrative techniques, and analysis may be less perceptive or less developed than that of the better essays.

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