Ap World Comparison Essay Outline

They both had their own form of writing; Mesopotamia had cuneiform, and Egypt had hieroglyphics and cursive script, respectively. the concept of king (lugal) developed, quite possibly because of increased quarrels over resources.

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Both parties could dissolve the relationship, and women retained rights over her dowry in case of divorce.

As in Mesopotamia the writing system was complex, and its use was, for the most part, monopolized by the powerful priestly caste.

Heiroglyphics were written on papyrus paper while cuneiform was written on clay tablets with a blunt reed called a stylus.

Although they had similar political systems in that they both were ruled by kings, the way they viewed their kings and the way that they both constructed their power differed.

Both civilizations constructed their social classes similarly in that they had kings at the top, followed by other officials and merchants, and at the bottom the slaves and peasants.

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