Ap World History Compare And Contrast Essay Prompts

Mark up those documents in the 15 minute reading period! Use the clock or bring a noiseless watch to the testing site, and keep an eye out on the time!

You should be able to write down in the margin of each document the answers to the following: Dont just quote analyze and utilize the documents to support that all-important thesis!

Whether it is assigned as homework or you’re looking for a thesis topic, the most difficult part of writing any essay is coming up with a question on which to base your research paper.

First, lets talk about the Document Based Question (DBQ) essay. The topics tend to be general, and the question looks to show continuity and change, or one of the other historical thinking skills.

Your goal is to persuade the reader that your thesis is sound and well-supported by historical facts. You will write one of three choices (Periods 1-2, 3-4, or 5-6). For the long essay, you should be examining major concepts and time periods more so than the miniscule facts.

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The topics tend to be general and the question looks to address the AP History Disciplinary Practices and Reasoning Skills (see earlier). The exam wants you to make a defensible thesis or claim which responds to all parts of the question. Do not just use the sentence they give you as your thesis.

The Point of View would be sympathetic, angry, and perhaps suggest retribution. Dont just show similaritiesshow differences as well! If they ask a question about causation, show short-term and long-term causes, as well as short-term and long-term effects. You get one point for this type of complex understanding.

For the point, you could also analyze multiple variables, qualify or modify an argument by looking at alternative views or evidence, explain relevant connections across different time periods, or confirm an arguments truth by looking at perspectives in different themes.

The word “civilization” comes from the Latin term for “city.” The first civilizations were the river-valley civilizations, so-called because they all developed alongside major rivers to secure an adequate water supply for agricultural production.

2 of the greatest river-valley civilizations were Mesopotamia and Egypt.

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