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Yoda and Gandalf often speak in aphorisms, and it’s part of what makes them so compelling as characters.When I was a tween, I started collecting aphorisms, though of course I didn’t know what “aphorism” meant back then.(Which no writer can claim unless people are still reading their work 1,800 years from now!) A good aphorism can work well in creative writing if you want to show how wise and concise a certain character is.Take two kids, for example, who have been best friends since the first grade.Later in high school, one of the two friends is heading downhill with their life.

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I would argue, against Gross, that we’ve been using aphorisms more like maxims these days—the aphorism-cum-Instagram-post is “a stock response,” the phrase Gross uses to belittle the maxim.This is a time when the friend needs the other friend the most.If the other friend isn't there for them, then it can be really hard. A second aphorism is, "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle if it's been through a blender first," by Les Barker. Once you've been through some really tough times, the impossible is now possible. For a third aphorism, I chose, "If you come to a fork in the road, take it," by Yogi Berra. He's saying that if you come to a situation in life where you have different opportunities, make sure you take advantage of them, because who knows, it might be a once in a life time opportunity.Aphorisms "Aphorism - a brief statement of truth." This is the dictionary definition of an aphorism.I see an aphorism as a quote that you can relate to personally. But is an aphorism always a fact, or is it sometimes an opinion too?Later on in life, you may be sorry for the choices you've made."You can observe a lot by watching," another quote by Yogi Berra, is my fourth aphorism.Aphorisms afford almost no room to explain your meaning, so a formal essay containing too many aphorisms could be unclear or vague.Worse still, it might come across as arrogant – as if you’re imitating Marcus Aurelius’s writing style because you believe that you’re on his level as a thinker.I had developed a habit of squirelling away quotes from books and songs and movies, scribbling them in notebooks and on the front of my school binders.I was particularly enamored with lines from the movie (“All morons hate it when you call them a moron”).

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