Aqa Biology Coursework Mark Scheme

My advice would be to learn the key words and phrases.

Recognise the difference between "describe", "explain", "suggest" questions because you can easily drop marks by misunderstanding the question. All I can say is practice a lot of past ones as although they all change, they do help.

You can do, it's useful to see where people slip up.

Last year (AS) someone on here compiled a list of answers from mark schemes that they're usually looking for for each type of question.

With all due respect, doing past papers isn't just memorising, it helps you understand the subject better.

Learn all of the content inside out but learn it as it's phrased in the specification and mark scheme. Of course, learn all the content (I found the CGP guides good as well as the AQA textbook), but the most important thing that cannot be stressed enough is past papers.A lot of aqa papers is application so make sure you get used to answering questions on different topics.Also practice the isa skills as a lot of people being their grade down with the practical. I read and made detailed notes on the whole of my text book.", and then I'd do some past papers, see how they came together and be like "okay, I get it now".And this is coming from someone who got 100% UMS in both A2 exams. I just got an A in AS Biology (OCR), including full UMS in the June exam.So many people complained that the exam was bull**** but if it was bull**** then how did I get 98%?I got 98% because I didn't just blindly memorize past paper answers, I used logical reasoning to put together all the knowledge I learnt and apply it to any particular question even if it was unfamiliar.Approaching a question with the thought that "the past paper answer for this sort of question was this so I will put down exactly that is the wrong way to go about it because if you come across an unfamiliar question you are stuffed.You must fully understand the topic so that you can apply it to any scenario from first principles.Also practice the isa skills as a lot of people being their grade down with the practical. I think its the application questions that let me down. Will probably be able to wangle an A predication though People say past papers, this is generally a good strategy but they are quite rightly been trying to stamp out past paper memorizers by giving tricky exams.For unit 5, you've got to do a few practice synoptic essays to get into it and do lots of plans for different questions. I'm sure you'll do great a levels are just hard work sometimes haha but just try to relax about it Well done on getting an A*!! Everyone remembers the legendary January 2010 AQA Biology exam.

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