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The two events were significant on multiple accounts and accords.

The major principle of this movement would be that there should be political, cultural, religious, and historical unity among people of the Arab nations.PSC 345 - Midterm Exam Question One: Arab Nationalism Arab Nationalism is a movement that began “after the withdrawal of Egyptian forces from Syria in 1839.Later on, Sa’ada founded the Syrian Social Nationalist Party in 1932.Where the policies and manifestos were in line with the agenda of promoting their culture and society.The periods of study and focus in the entire study that seek more attention are the ones during the middle of First World War and the ones that were right before the start of Second World War.An unnamed writer in Jordan described the experience of the Arab world in the ideological domain throughout the 20th century, and concluded that the Arab world “never enjoyed a comprehensive ideology except under the State of the Prophet Muhammad and his great Caliphs, Abu-Bakr and Umar” (Rejwan, 1974, p.32). The Roots of Arab Nationalism One thousand and four hundred years ago, Moslem Arabs from what is known today as the kingdom of Saudi Arabia,, swept into, and overtook North Africa and the Levantine area.With seemingly little effort quickly conquered much of the nations we now identify as Arab countries.They have evaluated that the overall movement is based on the concept of oneness, unity and integration of the Muslim nations into one.Densely rich with the natural resources and other territorial and strategic advantages and edge against the other parts of the world, they felt the need for capitalizing on this advantage and making use of their policies and actions in a more collective way that would allow protection of their agendas and manifestos in the desired manner.The pivotal premise that tends to be the foundation of Arab nationalism is that the denizens of Arab nations ought to be bound together by a sense of unity that tends to be political, historical,.....Arab nationalism and unity.Confronted with the obvious failure of Arab ideologies, specifically Arab nationalism, Ba’thist Arab Socialism, and pan-Islamism, to achieve wider Arab unity, several intellectuals resorted yet again to religion.

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