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Nellis is an Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada.

The restricted part of the Range totals three million acres.

This is the "typical American West," consisting of wide-open harsh conditions, where only the most rugged can survive. Towns, if you can call them that, are few and far between.

The only sounds that disturb this serene wilderness are coyotes, rattle snakes, and jet aircraft flying overhead.

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The government has dismissed most of these claims as testing aircraft and other weapons, but there are some that have never been solved and still remain a mystery today. February 1982, the F-117A Stealth fighter takes off for the first time.All other test flights have not been released to the public, but that doesn't mean they don't occur. glowing leading edge of Aurora Just because the military doesn't tell civilians about their aircraft does not mean that there must be alien intervention.Also, the US government played on the UFO theories to hide their own testing plans. The UFO sightings can be easily explained by military aircraft that are being tested. Today, Area 51 is the home to the latest top secret aircraft: the Aurora, among others Many of these aircraft, past and present, are able to perform incredible feats in the sky. Groom Lake, Dreamland, and Area 51 are all names describing different portions of a top-secret military base securely hidden in central Nevada.When the name "Area 51" is spoken, extraterrestrial life, atomic bombs, and stealthy aircraft are all things that come to mind. " There are many rumors and speculations about what goes on there, but nobody really knows for sure.Area 51 was built to the south of a dry lakebed named Groom.The landmass of Area 51 takes up an area of sixty square miles.Area 51 first became popular in the 1950’s when it was created, and shortly after when many UFO sightings were reported there. It is located in a remote part of the desert in Nevada. Government as a place to test top secret military weapons, especially military aircraft (“Groom Lake Air Force Base - Area 51”).

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