Argument Position Research Paper A View From The Bridge Introduction Essay

” Often, you must provide reasons that prove or support your stance and include support from other sources to help your reader understand your position.As you discover new lines of reasoning and new source materials, don’t be afraid to adjust your thesis.” In doing so, you must also consider who your audience of readers is in order to determine how to argue your claim.

Call to Action Finally, arguments often include some kind of “call to action” which asks readers to believe or do something based on the information presented in your writing.

Through such argumentation, we can assert our own positions or come to realize how others assert theirs and whether we agree or disagree.

Making a Claim Arguments generally require a position be taken.

The position in an argument is the central point that is being made, and is often referred to as a thesis It is the unifying claim for your whole piece of writing.

You can often discover your position by asking yourself, “What do I want my reader to know after reading my piece of writing?

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