Argumentative Essay Against Bilingual Education Direct Essay Offer

Moreover, this type of education allows a student to complete education in one of the world languages without losing a connection with his/her ethnical roots.Such a situation takes place when a person studies abroad.

Without any doubt, bilingual education has a great number of advantages, which often surpass the drawbacks.

IN Fillmore, Calif., a farming area 60 miles north of Los Angeles, nearly 100 parents of English-speaking children are embroiled in a dispute with the Fillmore Unified School District over what language will be used to teach their children.

School officials, who are reluctant to isolate Spanish-speaking children, have assigned most students to bilingual classes.

Furthermore, for bilingual educational programs to be efficient, professional and qualified teachers are a must.

Otherwise, students will know neither a foreign language, nor their native one as their attention will constantly be dispersed.

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