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In our times, the police have become the criminals.Some police are using their power to do bad things, and society has come to fear police. The courts have failed the police, and the police have turn to other means of justice. I have respect for the police, and the job they do. A number of related videos are also embedded in the article., 17 Nov. Retrieved September 13, 2017, from Published by The New York Times, this op-ed argues that, although police must be held accountable for their actions, the public must also realize the emotional and psychological difficulties officers face on a daily basis. I’ve also included an MLA citation and APA citation to help you cite the articles in case you decide to cite any of them in your own police brutality essay. Being a cop showed me just how racist and violent the police are. The writer discusses the importance of data and how it is used in analysis. The article also reviews the media’s role in highlighting (and often distorting) individual cases. (Just remember to change any “Retrieved” dates in APA citations to the date you actually read the article online.)In this article, writer Redditt Hudson, a former police officer, explains how the danger, stress, and sometimes already-present institutional racism within a police force can perpetuate racism and make officers calloused. The author also acknowledges that data alone cannot explain brutality. Journalist’s Resource, part of Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, publishes timely, peer-reviewed articles.

The communities have begun not to trust the police because of their conduct toward the citizens.

The subject of police brutality isn’t exclusive to criminal justice courses.

You might write about the topic in a number of classes, including history, psychology, sociology, and of course, English.

Police brutality, unfortunately, has been all too prevalent in the news lately. 2015, edu/violenceinamerica/2015/ 02/12/the-history-of-police-brutality/.

With it being such a controversial topic, chances are you’ll be writing about it in at least one of your classes.

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  1. I expected the essay to be good, to be groundbreaking even, but I didn’t know anything about Solnit’s writing style or her narrative voice.