Art Coursework Gcse

This is a two page document/table that I use (tried and tested over many years! ) It includes space to mark: Title Artist Research Page(s) Artists analysis Recording with Different Media Photography Development or Other pieces of Work Compositions It is a Word document so would be easy to tweek.

It gives me space to mark but also space for peer assessment and self assessment. (I'm not suggesting you should use specific colours - this is just to give you the idea!

do bits and bobs here and there and then concentrate on your other work Is anyone doing Edexcel?

We only have to do 2 units now instead of the previous 3 since the beginning of year 10.

An exam project is externally set immediately at the start of the Spring Term with six weeks preparation time, culminating in a 10hr controlled test where the final piece is produced.

These two projects are assessed and externally moderated forming the GCSE grade.

I got really behind in year 10, panicked and stopped working, and so when the deadline finally came around I was working 5 hours a night for that four weeks to try and sort it out. Came out with an A* Do as I say kids, not as I did!

In Year 11 during the Autumn Term of year 11 the coursework project undertaken in Year 10 in media of the pupil’s choosing is completed.

I did GCSE Art and we did out coursework in our mocks. by March when we have to submit our provisional coursework Over the christmas i've been preparing some of my work to go up on the wall when the examiner comes around, so now i've finished all of my coursework.

So in the end you should have 3 pieces of work - 2 pieces of coursework that I did in the mock (can work on them if not finished within the 10 hour limit) and then the ESA which we cannot touch after the exam. We had to finish because we get the exam paper first week back.

I've done 3 though because I got a B in my first one about Autumn,then I worked my socks off for my last 2,about Transformations and War and I got 2 A*s.

Those were both finished before Christmas,and we get our exam paper on Feb 1st I think?

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