Art Institute Chicago Admission Essay

If you are unable to locate your 1098-T and need further assistance, please contact Heartland ECSI at 1-866-428-1098.

If you have not received your diploma as of yet (even if you previously requested it) you will need to order it here.Please visit https://gov/sa/sites/default/files/for details and to register.The Department of Education is assisting students and keeping them informed with regard to closures.For account balance inquiries, please contact your account agency.Tuition Options at 1-800-423-5513, or email: [email protected] Williams & Fudge at 1-800-849-9791, or online at Recovery Management Services at 800-900-3944, or email: [email protected] are mailed to all eligible students by January 31 annually.To print a duplicate form, please visit https://net/.Please direct your requests as noted below and follow the procedures outlined.This is the most efficient way to obtain assistance.Third-Party Education Verifications For third-party enrollment/degree verification requests, please mail your request using this .There is a charge (Checks only) for each verification. We do not accept requests for verbal verifications, nor follow-up status calls/emails of previously requested verifications. The registrar will provide a letter of verification only.

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