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The USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS) is a free mathematics competition open to all United States middle and high school students.

As opposed to most mathematics competitions, the USAMTS allows students a full month to work out their solutions.

[1] About a year ago [2], I posted my thoughts on what the most important things were in math contest training.

Now that I’m done with the IMO I felt I should probably revisit what I had written.

The Art of Problem Solving, Volume 2, is the classic problem solving textbook used by many successful high school math teams and enrichment programs and have been an important building block for students who, like the authors, performed well enough on the American Mathematics Contest series to qualify for the Math Olympiad Summer Program which trains students for the United States International Math Olympiad team.

Volume 2 is appropriate for students who have mastered the problem solving fundamentals presented in Volume 1 and are ready for a greater challenge.

Carefully written justifications are required for each problem.

With permission, USAMTS participant's names and addresses are provided to colleges, universities, and employers for recruitment purposes.

Students learn to think at an advanced level as they tackle challenging problems.

Students explore a variety of math topics and problem-solving strategies in-depth, and practice problem-solving contest-style problems.

There are timed practice AMC 12 and AIME exams that students complete as well to help them prepare for the real exams.

As with every CTY Online Programs course, the student is assigned an instructor to provide feedback, monitor the progress of the student, and grade assessments.

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