As English Literature Coursework Ocr

Speaking and listening skills are assessed in this specification but are accredited through a separate qualification.Further information about the AQA GCSE English Language specification can be found here:

Language gives pupils power over their own lives and empathy with the lives and experiences of others.

We encourage this understanding through the study and enjoyment of a wide range of literature, non-fiction and media texts.

At Key Stage Three, all pupils study a wide range of poetry, prose and drama.

Students will take two components: Film History and Critical Approaches to Film, leading to two externally assessed exams in the summer of Year 13 and complete the coursework element of making a Short Film, to be awarded the OCR A Level in Film Studies.

In the Film History component, students will develop knowledge of film form through the study of at least three US set films from each of the following: The Silent Era, 1930–1960, 1961–1990.

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