As I Lay Dying Analysis Essay

Her youngest son drill holes in her casket so her body can breathe, but he drills through to her face. He refuses to admit to any discomfort, but the family eventually puts a makeshift cast of concrete on his leg, which makes his leg worse.

Twice, the family almost loses Addie’s coffin, the first time while crossing a river on a washed-out bridge (where two mules are lost).

Faulkner allows us to see a ten-year-olds perspective on life and death from the perspective of a ten-year-old, instead of from the perspective of some all-knowing narrator that doesnt really know what its like to be a ten-year-old.

Also, the actual sequence of narrators is in a cycle.

This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of opens with Addie Bundren who alive but in very poor health.

As the story continues, we see that Addie was a proud and bitter woman.

She had no interest in the kind gestures of others, including the religious comfort offered during her last moments by her neighbor, Cora Tull.

Jewel, Addie’s middle child, tries to leave his dysfunctional family, but he feels he cannot turn his back on them.

Many incidents occur which delay Addie’s body getting to Jefferson to be buried in the soil of her hometown.

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