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Asher also comes to a humbling realization: people like his father, whom Asher regards as aesthetically blind, create their own kind of art in the way they live their lives.

The playwright, as well as this production, presents Asher’s formative relationships with passion and delicacy.

One thing is absolutely clear in all of this: Asher was a prodigy from the day he was hatched, a genius with ferocious faith in his gift.

When he was six, a visiting uncle compared his work to Marc Chagall’s.

How refreshing to find an author who can disagree with people without attacking them! There were a few places where the story seemed to meander needlessly.

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As I later found out, one of the main features of Hasidic life is an interconnectedness between people; Potok brings this idea to bear marvelously in his novel.

Though Potok is a slow, plodding writer, it is amazing how much he can say in only a paragraph, or even just a few lines (when he wants to, that is).

In the play, no artistically sensitive person can look at one of Asher’s images without being stunned into breathlessness by its beauty.

The youngest artist ever to be exhibited in a major Manhattan gallery, Asher receives a rave review in the , the show sells out, and his works command staggering prices.

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