Assign Macro To A Button

Select the macro you wish to assign, then click OK.

Note that if you select the border of the button, then right click, extra options, such as the ability to name your button, and again the option to Assign a Macro to the button if you have not already done so.

To do this, go to View Customize and select the Commands tab.

Scroll through the Categories list until you get to the Macros option and select it.

To do this, go to View Forms to show your Forms Toolbar, then select the Button icon and draw a button on your worksheet.

Immediately when you let go of your button, the Assign Macro dialog will pop up.

ASSIGNING MACROS TO A SHORTCUT KEY, OBJECT, COMMAND BUTTON OR A TOOLBAR Once you have recorded your Excel macro , there are a number of ways that you can run it.

This is because the Control Toolbox uses Active X controls.

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The Macro A Macro is a series of commands either recorded, or manually written using the VBA Editor in Excel.

There are also a number of much quicker alternatives: ASSIGNING A MACRO TO AN OBJECT To assign a macro to an object, select an object from the drawing toolbar, then right click and go to Assign Macro, select the macro you wish to assign, then click OK.

(You can double click as well) ASSIGN A MACRO TO A SHORT-CUT KEY Assigning a macro to a shortcut key can be done at the first stage of recording a macro, when your Record Macro dialog first pops up to ask you to give it a name. Note that if you select a shortcut that is already in use (such as Ctrl C for Copy), the original command will be overridden and replaced with your macro.

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