Assign Recruitment

If you’re a small business owner, your manager does that for you.

If you’re a top executive in a mid-sized company, someone from human resources does that for you.

When it comes to staffing; recruitment; payroll; property care; cleaning and hygiene, outsource with Assign Services.

We have what it takes - passion, professionalism expertise, and most of all people - quality people.

Technical Support: Agents work on a queue of inquiries, answering the questions and concerns of users of the recruitment system or platform.

These tasks can be customized to meet the requirements of the client company.

Sometimes you just want a peer’s thoughts on a certain candidate.

Level 1 Recruitment Operations Support The agents double-check the resumes of candidates, but the platforms help a lot in filtering through the massive number of resumes in the database.

Search and filter functions allow agents to find the best candidates with qualifications that match the requirements of the jobs available.

They commonly perform the following tasks for clients: Applicant Tracking & Requirements Processing: Recruitment support agents send follow-up emails to job applicants and track their progress as they go through the recruitment process.

Recording Initial Phone/Video Interviews: Recruitment support agents facilitate the documentation of the initial phone and video interviews of job applicants.

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