Assign Ringtone To Contact Android

By giving each of your most-used contacts a special ringtone, you can tell who is calling without having to scramble across the room and grab your phone off the charger.This is useful at all times but especially during work hours, when answering personal calls can earn you a reprimand but missing a client call could slow down your progress.Now, some phones have file managers on them out of the box, but if not, you'll need to download one from the Google Play Store; for our steps, we're using Solid Explorer.The Settings app on some phones will see the new ringtones immediately, but if yours doesn't, reboot the phone. Zedge even streamlines the process, letting you download and set your ringtone from the same screen! Zedge is a customization app that looks to personalize your phone in a number of ways, but most notably with its Ringtone and Wallpaper galleries.Browsing the app is a simple affair, you can browse by category or you can search for something specific.

Updated February 2019: We've spruced up this guide to keep things current and clear as possible.

Personalizing the ringtone of a contact is a very useful feature in Samsung devices.

This makes it convenient for those who receives a lot of calls everyday to determine who’s calling.

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