Assignment Marks

You may be able to see the results of your assessments from Blackboard, if your department uses this method.

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You can find your unit coordinators contact details in LMS.

IMT CDL evaluation system has two components: Assignment (30 marks) and End Term Examination (70 marks).

With the stamped slip which was given to you by your study center when you submitted your assignment.

The University is moving toward publishing all assessment item marks via the unit's Learning Management System (LMS) however if you cannot see your mark in the LMS you can contact your Unit Coordinator.

You may click on View Rubric if a Rubric was used to see how the Rubric was completed by each marker. You may add Feedback to be given to the student by clicking on Add Feedback. You may choose whether the feedback given by the other markers to the student should be shown to the student by ticking or not the Show Graders’ Feedback and Rubrics (if applicable) to student tick box. If you wish to review the student’s submission, click on View Attempt. To enter a final score for the student click on the reconcile grade icon within the Final Grade box. Note that unlike the preceeding screen it is not possible to enter feedback here and so this aspect should only be used for fine tuning the score. Finally when clicking on the downward pointing arrow at the top of the Final Grade column you may elect to reconcile all grades to the highest, average, or lowest score.

Assignment Marks-4Assignment Marks-61

The students have to secure 33% marks in each subject for assignment and end semester examination, however, the total pass percentage would be 40% for each subject (assignment and end semester examination combined together).Case or problem-solving exercises At IMT Assignments are a very important aspect of the assessment system and an excellent tool for continuous evaluation.The Assignments are conducted at the end of the semester for each subject.If delegated marking has been enabled for an assignment the instructor should reconcile the marks once marking has finished. Reconciling means reviewing all marks and feedback made by other markers and demining the final score. The reconcile Grades screen has several key parts described below.A: Show Grader Progress: Click to view the progress of all markers, what the marker assigned for the average score for the assignment, and the number of student attempts they have marked.Or, use the Final Grade drop-down list in the column header to reconcile grades in bulk for highest, lowest, or average of the markers’ scores. Next we will look at each screen in turn, starting with Grader Progress. This screen shows whether all the markers have completed their marking, and if not how much marking they have left to do.This is shown by the Green bar and the X/X Graded line. The average Grade given is also shown, allowing the identification of any marker who is marking unexpectedly higher or lower. When you click on a student’s name you see a screenshot like the one above. You see the marks and feedback given to the student by each marker. Looking back at the main Reconcile Grades screen in the Final Grade column you may click on the score to choose the final grade either by manually entering a score, or clicking on highest, average, or lowest.With the end term exams the schedule for other subjects will also be announced where the student will be able to reappear for the subject he/she wishes to.The End-Term Examination (ETE) is held after every semester.Scholastic achievement is classified under three heads: .Ist Division: Students with an aggregate percentage of 60% marks or above .

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