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A license is a grant (assignment) to the licensee of various licensed rights.The situation can be further obscured by the fact that one can assign the licensed rights from one entity to another.Hsiun’s refusal to participate in the lawsuit, Advanced Video argued that there were three bases for finding that Ms. First, she had signed an employment agreement saying that she “will assign” her interest in inventions.Second, the employment agreement provided that she “will hold in trust for the sole right and benefit of the company” her interest in all inventions.This advisory was prepared by Nutter's Intellectual Property practice.For more information, please contact your Nutter attorney at 617.439.2000.Thus, the transfer of a right to priority must be spelled out in the assignment.

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Responding to a motion to dismiss for lack of standing, based on Ms.Thus, assignments are often only executed after a non-provisional application is filed.While problems with valid claims to priority should be eased under the America Invents Act (AIA) because U. applications can now be filed in the name of the owner instead of the inventor, care should be taken to ascertain a proper right to claim priority particularly if there is any difference in the identity of the applicant.Maximizing the protection and value of intellectual property assets is often the cornerstone of a business's success and even survival.In this blog, Nutter's Intellectual Property attorneys provide news updates and practical tips in patent portfolio development, IP litigation, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and licensing.Hsiun’s rights were in trust, “Advanced Video, as a trust beneficiary, cannot maintain a patent infringement suit” without Ms.Hsiun as a party, nor could she be involuntarily joined as a plaintiff under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 19.Practitioners should also make sure that the assignment specifies the priority application(s) with particularity, includes an assignment of the right to claim priority, and make sure each signature is either witnessed or notarized.These measures should be taken to prevent complications in various jurisdictions, such as some countries in Europe.Thus, the first recordation of a license may be recorded as a “license,” while the assignment of those same licensed rights to another entity may be recorded as an “assignment.” The only way to really understand the situation is to review the actual documents, which are all readily available from the recordation branch of the patent office.Note that the patent office sometimes refers to licenses as a species of assignment.

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