Atlantic Canada Canadian Confederation Economy Essay In Political

Some of the merchants discovered, too, that there was money to be made in transshipping American wheat and flour.

Once the foreign product was in British North America it was treated as though it were covered favourably by the Corn Laws.

S., Spanish and Russian encroachment upon British North America.

Political union was viewed as a solution to many problems and ultimately a larger politic union was with the Canada’s and other colonies by Great Britain.

It is what economists refer to as a high-bulk, low-value product.

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Although not all colonies joined This was of a British North America that stretched from Atlantic to Pacific, from the U. An evolutionary process which could bring all of these lands together under one Federal Government would create a country larger than the United States and with the best chances to stand up to U.

The Governor of New Brunswick, Francis Bond, lead the charge when he campaigned for a Maritime Union between New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and possibly Newfoundland. The idea was pursued and the colonial legislatures agreed to gather in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island on September 1st, 1864 to discuss Maritime union.

When news of this meeting became known in the Canada’s, John A Macdonald decided to lead a contingent of coalition government and opposition members to Charlottetown to propose a larger union of the colonies.

Tobacco was a popular crop in the 1820s, as was dairy production, but neither came close to wheat as a principal product.

Wheat, unlike fur, is not a luxury product: a lot of wheat is needed to turn a profit.

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