Attention Grabber For Essay On Bullying

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Just remember to state your thesis clearly and then argue your points with facts instead of opinion.The first post had some great examples of the positive and negative aspects of cell phone use in schools.My biggest complaint is that though most schools do not allow them to be turned on in class, many students do not comply.For instance, you could create a scenerio in which the teacher calls attendance and the student is absent, but his/her friend says, "Will his/her cell phone count?It is on record and has the answers to the homework in a text message that I can forward?with the horrible effects and outcomes of bullying.Some people may have a friend or loved one who has been a victim of bullying and considered harming themselves or others due to the embarrassment caused from the predator.There is some research out there now that indicates that cell phone use, and particularly texting, is addictive.You can find one of the studies at this link, or at another here. For example, say you are for allowing cell phones and your target audience is the principal.The addictive nature of the cell phone is just too much for students to disregard them for a whole class period, and many students can't resist the temptation to use them in some manner.I think they're great for emergencies, and I see nothing wrong with students using them between classes.

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