Aufderheide Essay The Threat To The Net Focuses On

Our aim for the series is to collect cases in which approaches for social media studies did not work out as expected.

This will deepen and refine our understanding of how to use properly social media methods, help saving time and effort by preventing researchers from making again the same “mistakes”. provide a platform for expert knowledge, which is currently inaccessible to the wider public – by focusing und the pitfalls and drawbacks of social media research which can hardly be published in traditional journal formats. enable discussions on methods in social media research on an interdisciplinary scale, by applying a new workshop format inspired by the “world cafe” approach.

Often labor-intensive and time consuming processes of exploring approaches will not get published although they are very valuable information for the research community.

This workshop calls out for all these failed attempts in social media research trying to present failures that happen during scientific research as a valuable source of knowledge about research methods.

Symons Value (SAVIX), a nominally institutional LCV fund with the same manager since inception and a ,000 investment minimum. The handful of funds that have posted disappointing results in both absolute and risk adjusted returns seem to fall into three camps: : approach Yacktman cautiously (they have a new fund, Yacktman Fully Invested, about to launch) and the other six open candidates with curiosity and interest.

Things that didn’t work out in social media research - and what we can learn from them Weller, Katrin (1); Rossi, Luca (2); Nahon, Karine (3)1: GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany; 2: IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark; 3: University of Washington, USA, and Interdisciplinary Center at Herzliya, Israel___________ SUMMARY ___________ This is the proposal for a workshop in a new series.

Yacktman Focused (YAFFX), a freakishly excellent fund whose namesake manager, Donald Yacktman, retired on May 1, 2016.Intrepid Disciplined Value (ICMCX), a sort of all-cap version of Intrepid Endurance which, like Endurance, is willing to hold cash when opportunities are scarce. Intrepid Endurance (ICMAX), which we’ve profiled and in which I invest.Endurance tends to invest in small cap value stocks and is one of the few funds still willing to hold cash, 70% currently, when opportunities are scarce. in three years from Williams College and started off as a financial software developer. ) It has earned a Great Owl Fund designation for top-tier risk-adjusted returns in every trailing measurement period. If you like funds in the So Gen / First Eagle tradition, be sure to check out Centerstone Investors (CETAX), run by First Eagle’s former lead manager, Abhay Despande.Hancock Horizon Burkenroad Small Cap (HHBUX), a 0 million small-core fund that’s completely off my radar, in part because it’s larger than we normally target but also because the “Hancock” name threw me off.It looks like an interesting little fund complex headquartered in New Orleans.You’ll notice that “1” is sometimes blue and other times “5” is blue.Simple explanation: low risk (“1” on the risk scale) is good and high return (“5” on the return scale) is good.Copley (COPLX), which has been run by Irving Levine since 1978.He came to investment management after a 20 year career that started, in 1946, in handbag manufacturing.Ed would really want to sit down as a quiet club with this guy.FMI Common Stock (FMIMX), an exceptionally solid fund from a family of exceptionally solid funds.

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