Barber Business Plan

Before choosing your location, these equipment and furniture details should be ironed out.

It is imperative that you compare companies for pricing, warranties, and financing.

Strategic planning and knowing how much you are going to spend in your start up is a key factor in determining most other aspects of your business plan.

After the location has been chosen, the interior plan can be modified to accommodate the size and physical limitations of the space.

After putting the word out, a successful young salon owner named Monica contacted me.

Following is a Q & A session we had over a couple of acai bowls. It can actually be answered in four parts which led up to the grand opening of my salon.

Courage - You cannot quantify the amount of courage, hard work, and persistence needed to start your own business.

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The comfort of your salon chairs, barber chairs, cushions, styling stations, shampoo chairs and bowls will impact and can determine whether or not you win over and attract repeat customers.

Business Plan - The guiding light of your vision is your business plan.

As simple or complex as it may be, this plan is the blueprint of how your business will look and operate.

While sitting in the barber chair having my hair (what’s left of it) cut and styled, I had an epiphany.

The next subject for the Clash blog would be about start up secrets to help you in opening your own hair salon or barber shop.

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