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The attack was followed by an important land invasion on April 25th.Dardanelles was a strait at the northern bank and provided a sea route to the Russian empire.Gallipoli campaign also called the Battle of Gallipoli, or the Dardanelles campaign existed at the beginning of the World War 1.It was a war campaign in the Ottoman Empire which was in the present Turkey.No Australian can think about war and not conjure up images of dirty, weary Anzacs (members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) fighting up hot, dusty slopes to reach the Turks above.Many Australians with only a little interest in history or the First World War could tell you of the successive waves of young Australians being mown down at the Nek, much the same as the 'Pals Battalions' were mown down at the mercy of the German machine guns at the Somme almost a year later, while the English sat at Suvla Bay 'drinking tea'.It is estimated that about 130000 soldiers died in this war.87 soldiers were from Australia and New Zealand respectively.This could be the reason these two countries mark that day of invasion on 25th April every year.

I am not trying to play down in any way the contribution of the navy in the slightest, in fact without the level of support they provided the campaigns would have been almost impossible to implement.

One is that it was one of the greatest victories to be achieved by the Ottoman Empire during the time that it was in the war.

This victory gave the Ottoman Empire troops motivation to continue fighting for their motherland.

This was important, as at the outbreak of war both Greece to its west and Bulgaria to its north were neutral countries, and Turkey joining the war on the German side would greatly influence the decisions of both of these two countries, not only as regards their neutrality but also what side they would join on the war on.

Also, Turkish divisions could threaten the Suez Canal which would have been a great hindrance to the British war effort. Turkey controlled the Dardanelles Narrows, the only channel through which the Allies could reach the Black Sea ports and supply Russia with the arms and ammunition she sorely needed to continue the war.

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