Being A Servant Leader Essay

And it's since risen in popularity in the United States.

Adam Grant, for instance, a leading management researcher and professor at the Wharton School of Business, wrote in his breakthrough book Give and Take that research shows servant leaders are more productive and more highly regarded by employees.

Executives have mandatory weeklong stays with "poor rural families that might share one toothbrush among five people." As Polman has said, "You can put yourself to the purpose of others, and in doing so, you can be better off."Rather than simply directing employees to follow orders based on a rigid hierarchy, the servant leader relies on persuasion rather than coercion.

The late Steve Jobs of Apple was widely regarded as a master of persuasion.

So what's the best model for leadership in a startup environment?

The old one -- of the authoritarian boss -- is rapidly being replaced with leading by example.

Unilever is particularly active in emerging markets.

An initiative called Perfect Villages, for example, provides 1,000 towns in Vietnam with Unilever assistance.

Feeling this freedom is also a good sign that you have competent employees whom you can trust.

Unilever's brand of conscientious capitalism is hugely successful.

The company is a 0 billion dollar empire and its products are used by 2.5 billion people every day.

His employees often spoke of his ability to persuade them to meet seemingly impossible deadline goals.

Related: How to Motivate Your Team Members by Putting Their Needs First In fact, skill at persuasion is one of the differentiating factors between a traditional authoritarian management structure and the service-driven approach.

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